Crissey Elementary School

9220 Geiser Road
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Staff Contacts

School Counselor - Mrs. Angie Reynolds
Social Emotional Learning Coach - Mrs. Angie Rechtine

Crissey Elementary School faculty, staff, and students demonstrate daily that the district’s mission to provide“exceptional education for today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders,” is more than a collection of words on a page. It is a philosophy used to meet the challenge of giving each student every opportunity to succeed in life with a strong educational foundation.We believe that the basic building block of education begins at the elementary school level, and hand-in-hand with parents and extended family members, business and professional leaders, and elected officials involved to provide both a nurturing and challenging environment that allows each student to perform at his/her highest level or achievement.

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Principal's Message:
Mr. Oatis Amick - August 25, 2021

An Adventure for You is Waiting in the Library!
Now that we have three full weeks of school under our belts, the students have gotten used to their new classrooms and have settled into their new routines. It’s always a joy to see the excitement and anticipation in the eyes of a child when he or she is learning something new.

One of the biggest sources for learning is through books! Books not only provide valuable information, but they allow young readers to explore endless places and possibilities. Sometimes it takes a while to get just the right book in a child’s hand, but it’s well worth it when you watch them explore a new interest, or go on an exciting adventure in their minds. Other sources of information come in the form of media, like newspapers, magazines, television, and the internet.

Mrs. Christina Hutchinson is the district library clerk at Crissey, Dorr, Holland, Holloway, and Springfield Middle schools. She is one of the few people who gets to work with students in multiple school buildings. She introduces them to the fun and rich resources available in the school library. Mrs. Hutchinson said the best part of being a school librarian is seeing that spark in students’ eyes when they find that book they really want. No matter your child’s interest, there are hundreds of books available in the libraries in Springfield Local Schools.

Getting to know Mrs. Hutchinson

Name: Christina Hutchinson

Position: District Library Clerk

Favorite Subject in School: Reading

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Children’s Book: The Arabic Quilt

Ohio State or Michigan: Ohio State

Something people would be surprised to know about me: I love cats!

Crissey Parents’ Club
A positive parent/school partnership is essential to school success. At Crissey, our goal is to engage parents and community members in the educational process and create an environment where community resources support student success. The Crissey Parents’ Club (CPC) plays an important part in this process.

The purpose of CPC is to first and foremost support our students. In addition, it supports the faculty, staff, parents and the local community. CPC is focused on preparing an enhanced educational environment for students. Throughout the years, the Crissey Parents’ Club has been a vehicle for our school, families, and local community to accomplish great things for our students.

Over the years, the parent club has done multiple fundraisers. The parent club has purchased a digital marquee, donated over $10,000 for school technology, purchased two basketball goals and has really helped fund our school PBIS initiatives. This year the CPC will continue to support the students and staff at Crissey. One of the biggest fundraisers for the parent club is the cookie dough fundraiser. The fundraiser starts late September and ends in October.

The ongoing support and involvement of parents and students are essential for the success and effectiveness of the CPC. Be on the lookout for dates for these upcoming events and opportunities. You can stay up to date with all of our exciting upcoming events on the Crissey Parents’ Club Facebook page. CPC meetings will typically be held the last Monday of each month, in the Crissey Elementary Cafeteria. The next meeting is scheduled for Sept 27th, at 6:30pm.

The 2021-2022-CPC Executive Board: President: Rachelle Sensel, Treasurer: Jessie Holmes, Secretary: Britt Bensman, Fundraising: Dawn and Denis Poirier

Upcoming Events

Sept 13 Fall Picture Day for students

Sept 17 Constitution Day

Sept 22 Board Meeting 4-5pm

Sept 24 Club Choice Fundraiser School Kick off-Sale ends Oct. 8

Sept 27 Parent Club Meeting 6:30 pm

2022-2023 Reconfiguration Plans (click on the link for many details)
In May, 2021, we announced plans to allow the district to better serve Springfield students. At the time of the announcement we shared that data studied over a five-year period informed us that rather than the need for a new school building to educate a growing number of students, the greater need was to examine options that took advantage of existing facilities, the talents of educators, and available resources. These data and our research led to the conclusion that to better serve our students, we should refine grade-level instructional targets and reconfigure our elementary buildings.

“Brenda’s Buddy Bench”
Last summer, the Crissey Elementary School Buddy Bench was installed on the school's playground. Our new bench replaced the previous bench that was created in memory of Brenda Mills. Brenda Mills was a beloved Crissey lunch and recess monitor for many years.

The purpose of a “buddy bench” is a way to eliminate isolation and to get kids to connect with one another during recess. A student will sit on the bench if he/she is feeling lonely or needs someone to play with. When a student sees someone sitting alone on the bench, they can go to the bench to talk to them or ask them to play. We are happy to be able to combine a bench to honor a former leader at Crissey with a bench to help our little learners today.

Thank you to the Crissey Parents’ Club for purchasing our new “Brenda’s Buddy Bench.”

9220 Geiser Road
Holland, OH 43528