Treasurer's Office

Again in 2020-2021, Treasurer/CFO P.Ryan Lockwood, III and his staff received from the Auditor of State the prestigious AWARD WITH DISTINCTION,

Springfield Local Schools' Treasurer's Office

P. Ryan Lockwood, III, Treasurer 419.867.5600
Jackie Yackee, Assistant Treasurer 419.867.5601
Brittany Alcock, Accounts Payable 419.867.5620

Update on Springfield School's State Funding - 2021

Most are not aware that Springfield Local Schools currently ranks #20 in the State of Ohio as the most significantly underfunded. The Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE) present funding model shows that Springfield was to received $13,909,638 for 2018. However, with the CAP that ODE placed on the district, it only received $8,909,638. Springfield only gets 66% of ODE's own funding model, withholding $4,605,361 this fiscal year.

The Board of Education and Treasurer Ryan Lockwood continue to participate in organized efforts with leaders from Ohio’s most underfunded school districts (there are more than 600 public districts in Ohio) to push for change . Governor Mike DeWine's office recently signed into law a new budget that purports to address the inequities in the formula and model used to fund the state's public school districts. We are awaiting an update on how this will impact our district.

Please call 419.867.5600 to speak or leave a message for any district leader if you have questions or would like to become involved in the effort to ask legislators to address this inequity. To receive/discuss more details on the district's financial status, please contact the Treasurer's office at 419.867.5600.

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Performance/Staffing Audits:
Springfield Local Schools invited the Ohio Department of Education to conduct, at no cost to taxpayers, both performance and staffing audits. Links to the results of the Performance Audit are offered above. Click here to view a brief summary of staff audit results.

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