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We are often asked what separates Springfield Local Schools from other school districts in the area and we are quick to respond that it is the rich diversity of our people - a blend of staff and students from varying ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds that work together in a real-world environment. Our wealth of experiences and traditions combine to define the quality of a Springfield education! We have come to know this as "springfieldstrong," and we endeavor each day to use our expertise and pride to expand and enrich the educational experience of each student.

There is much to learn about Springfield Local Schools and even more to be proud of in this 120+ year old public school district! Travel through the this site to discover what it means to be springfieldstrong!

Blue Devils' Wicked Wheels Car Fest
(August 4, 2021 4:30-7:30p)

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Car Fest Commercials: Buckeye WTOL
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Any family that changes residency (new home/apartment or shared living arrangement) must notify the district as soon as possible. Please send an email to residency@springfield-schools.org to request assistance in updating students' residency records!

Ohio Department of Education (ODE) named Springfield High School as a Purple Star designee. This was earned for our commitment to serving military students and families. In their comments, ODE cited ". . . our dedicated program as truly serving as an inspiring model for other schools in Ohio to follow."


For website information, contact Kristina White kristinawhite@springfield-schools.org or 419.867.5720. Those wishing to send fax transmissions should use 419.867.5700.