All meetings will be held at 4:00 pm at SHS in Room A-120. Anyone wishing to meet earlier than 4:00 can do so by appointment. Meetings for this year are:
Sept 9
Oct 14
Nov 11
Dec 9
Jan 13
Feb 10
Mar 10
Apr 13 (this is a Wednesday)
May 12

The break down on the committee is as follows:

    • Marty Perlaky LPDC Chairperson, handles SHS general ed IPDPs, is a signer for re-licensure

    • Molly Davis handles SMS general ed IPDPs and is responsible for all tuition reimbursement approvals (**all tuition reimbursement forms go to the supers office first they send them to Molly)

    • Jennifer Mercer handles all elementary general ed IPDP's and is a signer for re-licensure

    • Robb Brown handles all admin IPDP's

    • handles all special ed IPDP's district wide

All correspondence with the LPDC should be done through this email sls-lpdc@springfield-schools.org


1. Check your license to see when it expires
2. If you are new to SLS or if you received a new license you must turn in a new IPDP before any professional development can count
3. All tuition reimbursement paper work goes to Cheri Casper/Mr. Geha
4. IPDPs: submit online to sls-lpdc@springfield-schools.org

Click on the desired document name to download:
Click here for Steps for Renewing Your License Electronically
Click here for READ ME FIRST
Click here for Tuition Reimbursement Template
Click here for IPDP Sample
Click here for IPDP Template
Click here for Professional Development Activity Log
Click here for Unconventional Coursework Proposal
Click here for the CEU. Hour Calculator
Click here for Leaving IPDP Form
Click here for LPDC Options Chart.16