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Principal Robb Brown often shares information via Instant Alert. Please view his most recent alert regarding the schedule for students to come to the school to pick-up devices, pay fees, and turn-in forms.

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Springfield High School is a public comprehensive high school with rigorous academic programs for students in grades 9-12. Almost 100 faculty members and support staff are dedicated to both SHS traditions and to ensuring that each of the approximately 1200 students attain their educational goals. Students follow a trimester schedule designed to further enhance the academic environment with even more class time for a variety of learning experiences, more teacher/ student interaction time, greater opportunities for problem-solving and group activities. SHS offers enrichment through Honors, Advanced Placement, and College Credit Plus* classes.

In addition, SHS students may also choose to enroll in vocational programs offered through Penta Career Center or take advantage of classes offered through the Springfield Digital Academy (SDA) our district's online, virtual school (read more about the SDA by selecting the link on this site under the "Schools" tab).

Students are encouraged to grow through community service, leadership development and character building - all interwoven into SHS academic and extracurricular programs.

Servant leadership is the culture at SHS. We call this "DEVILSasOne" and it is evidenced by our school's receipt in 2020 of the prestigious Multiplying Good/Jefferson Awards Foundation's "One in a Million"award. Prior to this, for 9th consecutive years the students achieved the organization's unprecedented Ambassador Gold Banner award. Add to this our students being recognized by ProMedica a recent recipient of their prestigious Junior Philanthropists of the Year Award (for our coordination of the annual Toy Drive) and you can see that we do "good" often and well!! Through our ongoing relationship with Multiplying Good and Leadership Toledo, Springfield High School students are eligible for nomination to receive a Youth Jefferson Award. This award is prestigious and something few earn during their high school careers. We are very proud that since the first Youth Jefferson Awards were presented at Springfield High School in 2009, 114 young leaders of today have emerged from the sidelines to mobilize their passion into action to improve or community, region, and world!

Springfield High School continues to strengthen its rigorous academic offerings to include a variety of innovative and unique course offerings including those available through Blue Devil Radio, 97.7fm WNLB. Unique offerings such as this, combined with the school's nationally respected JROTC, programs like Science Olympiad and more help prepare students for success in our global society. Springfield High School's Blue Devils are rich in tradition - and we want to encourage all community members to become "true blue!"*CollegeCreditPlus allows qualified students to receive credit for college-level courses at no cost to the student or his/her family.

Springfield High School exemplifies the districts mission - exceptional education for today's learners and tomorrow's leaders

The district's mission to provide . . . exceptional education for today's learners and tomorrow's leaders is visible throughout SHS within innovative and engaging instruction that makes learning fun! It' s also seen; through unique programs like our JROTC and Blue Devil Radio (found at no other schools in the region) ; within rigorous academic standards and expectations that challenge and support all learning levels, extracurricular offerings that provide something for everyone, and and competitive athletics...we've got it all!

Principal's Message
Mr. Robb Brown

What Do You Do With An Idea

Previously, we mentioned the children's book by authors Kobi Yamada and Mae Besome titled, What Do You Do With An Idea, that details the story of a child who isn't sure what to make of a chance encounter then discovers that when you get brave, take chances, and say “yes” to new experiences, amazing things can happen.

We share this again because we especially like the process that is described where the child is protective of the idea and struggles sharing it with others for fear that it will be harmed or changed... Plus, it reminds us of our Toy Drive. The idea began in SHS teacher McKenna Reitz's AP Psych classroom as a project to engage students more deeply in a lesson. Both Mrs. Reitz and her students have been protective as the idea of collecting toys for children receiving care at Russell J. Ebeid Children's Hospital has become for many a personal mission. (for a little more background, watch a YouTube video produced about our student's efforts at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67wbhS062HQ&feature=youtu.be)

Since their first year, almost 40,000 toys have been collected. Now more than ever, this is needed and serves as a learning lab for students learning to flex their leadership and philanthropy muscles. The drive this year will continue to look different than in its first years but we can still collect specific toys and accept funds100% of which will purchase items that are safe to offer to children during this health crisis.

You, too, can be a part of the success. Donating again this could not be easier—visit www.springfieldtoydrive.com to see the list of items or ways to donate (through 12/14/21).

Our students want the children whose health needs demand hospitalization to be children first, then patients. If donating a toy or a few dollars to purchase an item safe to share with a child allows that to happen, well, that’s “mission accomplished,” right?

What does #springfieldstrong do with an idea? We share it with our students, support them as they make it their own, and when appropriate, get out of their way and watch them soar!!!

The Things We Do Really Well

Honoring the men and women who serve our nation and protect our way of life is something that we should do well. There are too many years to count that celebrating the sacrifice of those who in the past or present have served our nation has been a priority for our school district. Again this year, these efforts (on Veterans Day/November 11th) were coordinated and done in great style by leaders and members of our JROTC, Band, and students. All three programs offered that day (two for SHS, and another for SMS) were exceptional.

However, some of the things that we do especially well are done without musical accompaniment or the precision displayed by our drill team. The renewal of our "Purple Star" designation from the Ohio Department of Education honors and recognizes the work that we do in support of the military families who live in the district. The sacrifices that those who serve our nation, and by their families, are significant. Children of all ages watch as a mother or father puts on their uniform and leaves home to fulfil their unique and very special calling. Some who serve do so right in our community, others in foreign lands.

Deployment or the travel that takes those in the military away from home occurs with great sacrifice - sporting events, concerts, school programs and other things that many take for granted must occur without these loved ones in the audience. Plus, many families are frequently relocated to destinations far away from relatives to gain training, education, and added responsibilities.

On Veterans Day and always, we offer thanks. We also stand ready to support each of our students who might experience any or all that I described earlier. That's our culture

Another, "I wish they'd had that when I was an SHS/college student," moment!

It's inevitable - several times every day I catch myself thinking about all the unique and evolving learning opportunities. Frequently, Mr. Bell, Dr. Bryson and I discuss the many opportunities that we have to expand our already rigorous academic offering for SHS students. One such area that I would like to make sure you are aware of is our eSports program!

At risk of some readers misunderstanding, esports (also known as electronic sports) is a form of competition using video games. eSports often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams. Although organized competitions have long been a part of video game culture, these were largely between amateurs until the late 2000s, when participation by professional gamers and spectatorship in these events through live streaming saw a large surge in popularity.

Students interested in the management side of esports may earn a bachelor’s degree in esports management or major in business with a minor or certificate in esports management. Some schools allow students to take on other majors and add a certificate or a minor in esports. eSports Akron came on Nov 9th after school to talk with our eSports Team. They are looking at what our students can do to get to the college level or ESports and beyond. Akron has in their eSports program over 60 students at the moment with another 2,500 at the club level.

Although it may appear to non-eSports aficionados that students are playing, this is about more than gaming. It takes a lot of skill to succeed in eSport including those gained at SHS, especially in Math and tech classes - not to mention the use of critical thinking and dexterity! I would be remiss if I didn't mention that although several of our teachers have impressive skills, SHS Art Teacher Sean Able and our district's Director of Technology Cory Cantu have taken the lead is coaching our eSports teams.

Currently, our Valorant Varsity Team is 2nd in the division [just behind Whitmer HS]. We have a strong five-player group with two alternatives. Our 2nd Varsity team, Super Smash Bros' had their first win last week against Lima Bath! Esports Ohio [https://www.esportsohio.org/home] is made up of nearly 300 HS teams, and we have 14 colleges looking at our teams.

In the spring season, we are looking at expanding to have full rosters (Varsity/JV and Club] in several eSports and adding more teams! The state league continues to grow each season with fresh game types, to keep current along with expanding to build a middle school program as well.

Piece by Piece
For my first message of the 2021-22 school year, I'm going to revisit a message that I offered at this same time in 2020. Then,, I asked that readers imagine opening a new jigsaw puzzle for the first time. I described how you pop the lid, spill the pieces out onto a table, start organizing the various pieces that eventually will come together as one. It's not too much of a stretch, is it, to see the similarities between assembling a puzzle and what happens at the start of a school year?

Puzzles and new school years have a way of bringing us together . . . there's the hunt and assembly of the corner pieces, which I think is similar to getting the building put back together after extensive summer cleaning, improvements, and reorganization. Can I get a "shout-out" for the custodians and maintenance staff who got the classrooms, hallways, and ground looking better than ever? With the new flags out front, a lot of new paint on walls and fresh flooring - well, SHS is looking pretty good!!

Another important piece to the puzzle are the school counselors who somehow fit everyone's academic needs together within our trimester schedule. We have some new faces in our Counseling Office- Mrs. dePompei is now at SMS and earlier this month we welcomed Morgan Roe and Kurtis Tucker to SHS! They are supported by our school secretaries who work their magic to connect people with whatever they need . . . answers, directions, key fobs - they do whatever it takes. Working our way through more of the puzzle pieces, there's our cafeteria-based team. These folks know what our students and teachers like to eat and care about the quality of the meals they offer everyday. And, how about those free breakfast and lunch meals again this year? Of course, there are the talented IT guys who know which keys to touch to get you connected to the network and to fix what's broken.

The puzzle is incomplete without our School Resource Officer, School Nurse, the bus drivers who deliver the students to and from school safely and of course our teachers, aides, and all the others who impart on our students their wisdom while nurturing and challenging each one of us to reach for our dreams. The puzzle is almost together, but impossible to finish without our Coaches and parent volunteers who give freely of their time to enrich our school. - we hope to have them all back in the building very soon. The final pieces that complete the SHS puzzle are our students and their families.

And, just like the toughest puzzle out there, we all somehow unite. Regardless of the puzzle piece we represent, the end goal is the same: to take a bunch of seemingly random parts and fit them together until the image of what we are building - an exceptional education for today's learners and tomorrow's leaders, comes into focus.

1470 South McCord Road
Holland, OH 43528