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Mr. Ryan Grooms
Director of Digital and Career Education
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About the SDA
The world of education has come into some new and exciting times. Options, in the past that were out of the question, are now readily available to students and their families. Springfield Local Schools prides itself on consistently pioneering ways to meet and embrace each of these new opportunities with fresh and exciting options for our stakeholders.

It is in this same spirit that we have established Springfield Digital Academy as an on-line learning alternative for students who reside in the Springfield Local Schools district but prefer to take their education through an on-line format. Meeting the needs of all students, wherever they are and however we can, has always been a priority for Springfield teachers. We believe that this new programming option provides us with the ability to further those choices.

There are a multitude of on-line options that students and families can use as their educational provider. Our goal is to provide our families with a local option that truly has a vested interest in meeting the needs of the students it is servicing. We are dedicated to our students and working hard to ensure that not only their educational needs are met, but that those students also know that they have a home school that is looking out for them and their best interests.

Springfield Digital Academy provides personal attention to each of its learners. We have live on-site labs with real teachers ready to support students in any way necessary. Springfield Digital Academy students are still Springfield students; they are simply choosing to learn through a different format! All of your normal services stay intact: school support services, guidance counselors, and academic assistance are still here for you. Extra-curricular activities can also be a major part of the high school experience. All Springfield Digital Academy students are encouraged to participate in clubs, school organization, and sports teams to help ensure they are developing an overall foundation both academically and socially. If this sounds like something that interests you - great!