Springfield Health Services

Springfield Local Schools provides a nurse in each of our buildings to assist with student's day-to-day medical needs including first aid, medication administration, medical procedures, health education and other interventions as needed. Parents are asked to please identify all medical needs that requires assistance while their child is at school. This should be done by notifying the district's Director of Health Services or the nurse on duty at their child/ren's school building. Springfield's Health Services staff will work with each students' healthcare provider (s) to establish a plan of care as needed. Please note that the district may not administer any prescribed medications or perform any prescribed medical procedures without an order from a healthcare provider.

Springfield's Team of Nurses

Crissey Elementary
Nichole Ziegler, BSN, RN

Dorr Elementary
Kelly Burkholder-Allen, MSN, RN

Holland Elementary
Paulina Martinez, LPN

Holloway Elementary
Emily Palmer, LPN

Springfield Middle School
Maureen Kohlman, LPN

Springfield High School
Victoria Bernsdorff, RN

Student Medications:
If a student requires medication while at school, the district must receive a completed
form before any medication can be administered. Please note that any prescribed medication must have the appropriate form completed and signed by a healthcare provider. We will only administer medication as the healthcare provider has indicated. All medication forms must be signed by the parent as well. Please see the links below for the medication authorization forms. We can only accept medication from a guardian or parent in the original container with an unaltered label from the pharmacy including the student's name, date of birth, medication, and medication dosing. We can't accept medication any other way. If parents request administration of an over-the-counter medication, it must be provided to the school nurse in a new, unopened container with the student's name and date of birth written on it. Please call if you have any questions.

Inhaler Medication Authorization Form

Prescription Medication Authorization Form

Epinephrine Medication Authorization Form

*Please note we are required to have documentation from a healthcare provider of your student's specific allergies each school year.

Elementary Over-the-counter Medication Authorization Form

Secondary Over-the-counter Medication Authorization Form

The State of Ohio has specific vaccination requirements for all students in the public school setting. These requirements include students that participate in both an in person learning atmosphere or an online platform such as the Springfield Digital Academy. If you have any questions about the required vaccines for school please reach out to your building nurse or the Director of Health Services. Click here for a flyer regarding the required vaccinations for Springfield students.


Immunizations required by the state of Ohio before entry into kindergarten include:

DtaP-completed series of 4 doses with the last dose on or after the 4th birthday

Polio-completed series of at least 3 doses with the final dose on or after the 4th birthday

MMR-2 doses with the first dose administered on or after the 1st birthday

Varicella (chicken pox)-2 doses with the first dose given on or after the 1st birthday


Immunizations required by the state of Ohio before entry into the 7th grade include:

TdaP-one dose must be administered on or after the 10th birthday

Meningococcal (serogroup A, C, W, and Y)- 1st dose prior to entry


Immunizations required by the state of Ohio prior to entry of the 12th grade include:

Meningococcal (serogroup A, C, W, and Y)- completed series of 2 doses prior to entry

* If the first dose was administered on or after the 16th birthday a second dose is not required.

Families having difficulty finding a location to get a child vaccinated are reminded to please reach out to your building nurse or the Director of Health Services. Please see the list of local sites that do offer childhood immunizations. Please call the location of your choice before taking your child to schedule an appointment and verify they have the vaccines available that are needed.

Walmart Pharmacy-Holland Ohio-419-867-0155
The Little Clinic-Holland, Ohio-567-297-4117
Shots for Tots and Teens with The Lucas County Health Department-Toledo, Ohio-419-213-4121
*The Lucas County Health Department offers immunizations at a low cost. Please visit their site for more information
LCHD Shots for Tots and Teens
ODH Immunization Summary for School Attendance

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