Dustin Hamilton
Director of Facilities and Maintenance

Springfield Local Schools features six educational buildings (slightly below 600,000 square feet under roof), an administration/ transportation complex, two maintenance/storage facilities, Springfield Community Stadium (football/soccer), Blue Devils Fields (baseball/softball complex), a track and the Jack Wallington Tennis Complex, and Springfield High School's George E Tombaugh Auditorium - all on 110 acres of land located in the Holland/Springfield community. The district appreciates the community's ongoing investment and support of district property and works tirelessly to maintain and efficiently operate all buildings.

Facility Rental Information:  all meetings, events, activities and sports are postponed 
Springfield Local School invites community members to enjoy the use of our facilities for programs, events, and activities. While the use of many facilities may occur without cost, the Board of Education has established appropriate fees as needed. All organizations using a Springfield facility to host tournaments or any event where revenue or an entrance fee is collected will be required to cover at least the material and labor costs associated with facility usage. These costs may include field monitor salary and benefits, custodial salary and benefits, general maintenance and repair, and supplies or materials. Springfield High School Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman athletic teams are exempt from the associated costs. Springfield Middle School recognized sports teams are also exempt from the associated costs. Board of Education recognized student clubs and organizations are likewise exempt from the related costs.

Additionally, facility use permits are required for all usage by non-recognized teams or organizations. Failure to comply with the facility permit process will result in an automatic $500 rental fee being accessed per event. Those interested in discussing the use of our buildings and associated fees can download the Facilities Use Permit form (right click on the blue text).  To inquire regarding availability, please contact:
Springfield High School          -  Andrew Screptock   419.867.5640
Springfield Middle School      -  Dave Whitmire         419.867.5784
Crissey Elementary School    -  Jennifer Ruiz             419.867.5677
Dorr Elementary School         -  Cindy Hadsell           419.867.5666
Holland Elementary School   -  Jennifer Murphy       419.867.5655
Holloway Elementary School - Patty Whitacre          419.867.5703